Womb Healing Meditation


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This guided Womb Healing Hypnosis Journey by Zarilove, is an invitation to help heal, cleanse, and awaken your sacred feminine energy and sensuality.

Simply relax and let your subconscious receive this healing transmission, using powerful affirmations, breathwork, visualization, and somatic body awareness, as you travel into the sacred womb space, ovaries, and yoni.

This professionally guided hypnosis journey is designed to assist you to;

  • Safely transmute blockages or dis-ease in the pelvic area, clearing heavy emotional debris, sexual abuse/trauma, and its associated emotions.
  • Remove energetic ex-relationship cords, release unwanted beliefs, patterns, and limitations around femininity, relating and sexuality.
  • Discover renewed life force, health, vitality, creativity, and inspiration. Reconnecting more deeply to your divine feminine wisdom and sexuality.

This is one in a series of healing meditations by Zarilove to help awaken feminine Power, Pleasure, and Peace.

Total duration; 1.06.33 minutes

Warning *DO NOT USE whilst driving or operating machinery

2018 copyright owned by priestess ltd. UK. Produced by Zarilove. All rights reserved. unauthorized duplication, public broadcasting is a violation of applicable law and prohibited.



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