Zari is a Spiritual Healer, Himalayan Kundalini Yoga and Tantra Teacher, Trauma Therapist, and founder of Zarilove and Goddessence products. Zari is working internationally, with groups and individuals in energy healing, Kundalini and spiritual awakening processes. Her work is an invitation to health, self-love, sensual liberation, and personal freedom. Make the shift from feeling frozen, disconnected and overwhelmed, into more free-flowing joy, wholeness, and aliveness. Zari’s healing work has changed the lives of many people across the world, helping others to unblock past pain, sexual trauma, and reconnect to their sacred sensual nature and higher awakened consciousness.


Reconnect to your sacred sensual body and full capacity for pleasure. Find new levels of loving and living, free from conditioning guilt & shame

Stress & PSTD management

Detoxification of toxic stress chemicals and overwhelming events from your cellular body is essential to positive health and wellbeing


Energetically cleansing, awakening and preparing the feminine body can improve your capacity to birth children, creative projects and dreams

Physical Wellness

Healing the cause rather than the symptoms, brings lasting change. Live radiantly alive and free from unhealthy patterns, addictions and illness

Resolving life issues

Making peace with the past, life, yourself and others is a sure road to happiness. Let go, move on and be free to smile and love again

Spiritual awareness

Finding time to connect with yourself is a sacred journey of discovering true inner peace and the wisdom of the guru within

Self-love & Empowerment

There is nothing more beautiful and precious in this world than you. Fall in love with yourself, claim your power and live the life you deserve

Sacred skincare

Nourish your skin and soul with- Goddessence, Our 100% natural and sacred Aromatherapy remedies for women. Awaken magic into your life

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