Consciousness Coaching and Awakening Programs

Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery with our mini energy Alchemy bundles. If you are looking for an entry point to radiant awakened living, these taster packages are ideal to kick start your healing journey. Valid for 3 months, with flexible scheduling for seamless integration into your life.

If you’re feeling stuck, suffering, or searching for answers, your journey starts here. Get ready to unlock your inner power, reclaim your true potential, and experience newfound freedom.

Looking for a deeper dive? Then check out our bespoke 3-6-12 month 1:1 spiritual transformation coaching programs offering a unique healing and enlightening experience, tailored to your individual needs.

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Self -Recovery Starter Package

Reclaim Your Vitality and Balance

Embark on the path to self-recovery and rejuvenation. Reset your nervous system, find inner calm, and ground yourself in the present moment. Experience a comprehensive approach to reclaiming vitality and balance. Our program combines trauma release, energy psychology, somatic bodywork, and astral healing to cleanse your energy field and release deep-seated emotional blocks…

Sessions include:

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  • 2 x Nervous System Restoration – TRE Stress Release sessions
  • 1 x Tapping to Freedom: Energy Psychology and Blindspot Insight
  • 1 x Interdimensional Energy Healing and Aura Clearing
  • 1 x SOS Emergency Grounding Practice
  • 1 x Initiation Consult: Illuminate Your Path to Personal Growth Coaching
  • 1 x Program completion progress review
  • 1 x Personalised Meditation Recording


  •  Self -Investment£1777  Promo offer £1597
Delivered by Zari 1:1 online zoom platform

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Self Healing Starter Package

Reconnect to Love and Peace

Reconnect to love and peace as you release emotional armour and heal past wounds. Delve into the depths of your heart with sessions designed to transform pain into power and cultivate deeper self-love and connection..

Sessions include:



  • 1 x Breathwork Alchemy: Heart Release and Reconnection
  • 1 x Radical Healing: Deep Soul Healing Regression and Retrieval
  • 1 x Aura Cleanse and Interdimensional Energy Healing
  • 1 x Heart-to-Heart Spotlight and Breakthrough Session-
  • 1 x Initiation Consult: Illuminate Your Path to Personal Growth
  • 1 x Program completion progress review
  • 1 x Personalised Heart Expansion Energy Self-Practice

Self-Investment £1777 promo offer £1597

Delivered by Zari 1:1 online zoom platform.

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Self Discovery Starter Package

Unveil Your True Essence

Unveil your true essence through ancient energy alchemy and self-investigation practices. Peel back the layers of ego and unconscious blocks. Elevate your consciousness and align with your authentic self to embark on a journey of kundalini awakening, self-exploration and realization.

Sessions include:..


  • 1 x Soul Alignment and Insight Reading
  • 2 x Alchemy for Ascension Kundalini Kriya Journeys
  • 1 x Chakra Balance and Energy Frequency Attunement
  • 1 x Inner Wisdom Discovery Session
  • 1 x Initiation Consult: Illuminate Your Path to Personal Growth
  • 1 x Program Completion Progress Review
  • 1 x Personal Sadhana Alchemy Set  (for own practice)

Self-Investment: £1777 promo offer £1597

Delivered by Zari 1:1 online zoom platform

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Self- Empowerment Starter Package

Unlock Your Potential

Unlock your potential and manifest your dreams with a blend of consciousness coaching, hypnotherapy, and energy psychology. Mental rewiring and recoding practices to create new neurological pathways for positive, progressive behaviour. Overcome limiting beliefs and step into your power with sessions tailored to boost confidence and achieve your goals. Sessions include:..

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  • 1 x Mind Mastery: Hypnotherapy and NLP Reprogramming
  • 1 x Tapping into Freedom: Energy Psychology
  • 1 x Consciousness Coaching Session
  • 1 x Personalised Subconscious Cellular Recoding Recording (own use)
  • 1 x Initiation Consult: Illuminate Your Path to Personal Growth
  • 1 x Program Completion Review
  • 1 x Conscious Living plan

Self-Investment £1777 promo offer £1597

Delivered by Zari 1:1 online zoom platform

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Awakening Freedom - Blueprint Conscious Coaching Program

3 – 6 – 12 Months Blue Print Programs-  Tailor Made to Fit Your Soul 

Unlock Your Unique Path to Awakening Freedom:

Each journey to Freedom is as unique as the soul’s blueprint. That’s why we offer our Bespoke Programs—a tailored, one-to-one healing and spiritual awakening experience crafted specifically for you. Because one size doesn’t fit all. Your soul’s blueprint holds the key to your personal transformation and journey to empowered, enlightened living. With Zari as your guide, we’ll peel back the layers that cover your truth, unveiling your light, love, and liberation with each session…

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What to Expect Over the course of 3 to 12 months, you’ll embark on a transformative journey tailored to fit your individual needs, soul blueprint and resources. Awakening is an art, and with an experienced mentor, you’ll reach deeper to elevate higher. Receiving specialised support and experiences, our program offers a unique opportunity to explore more advanced practices and modalities, allowing for expanded consciousness, soul growth and healing. Typically sessions are Bi-weekly and intuitively tailored to support you in an organic way and meet you where you are at, rather than an A-Z format. Each person’s healing and awakening journey has a unique timeline and can require a different combination of modalities and level of support. Book a Free Discovery Call and let’s chat about what is really right for you!

Program Highlights:

  • Radical Healing: Experience deep soul retrieval and regression healing to dissolve unconscious traumas, programming and cellular imprints- Live free!
  • Meditation Mind Mastery: Elevate your consciousness, and connect with higher realms of stillness and mind mastery spaces.
  • Kundalini Ascension Alchemy: Harness the power of Kundalini energy for your spiritual evolution.
  • Sexual Healing and Tantra: Heal wounds, blocks and sexual secrets of sexuality and intimacy.
  • Soul Alignment – Shadow Work: Dive into the depths of self inquiry and the psyche to integrate shadow into light. Illuminate blind spots and shine brighter.
  • Past Life Mastery: Explore and heal past life and ancestral patterns affecting your present reality. Unleash past life skills to support your current life.
  • Sacred Soul Mapping: Navigate Your Path to Spiritual Awakening

We require a commitment to a 6 to 12-month plan. This investment in yourself allows for sustained growth, transformation, and alignment with your highest potential.


Limited Space – Apply Now

Due to the personalized nature of our programs, space is limited. Applications are accepted on a selective basis. If you’re ready to embark on a journey of profound self-discovery and transformation with an experienced mentor guiding you every step of the way, apply now to reserve your spot. Let’s sit down and discuss how this can look in relation to your needs.

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Radiant Living Immersion

8 Week Online Transformational Energy Medicine Journey. (Beta Group Coaching)

Starting September 2024

Embark on a transformative journey with the Radiant Living Immersion, where ancient healing arts become the gateway to revolutionising your life. Through this program, you’ll learn how to elevate your consciousness and energetic vibration to new heights, unlocking an unfound vitality and wellbeing that radiates from within. Explore the magical energy Himalayan energy practices: Taoist, buddhist, Yogic and Tibetan…

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We live in an age where our energy is depleted from devices, stress, over work, and insufficient time and knowledge to repair our energy system, aura and inner cellular make-up. The Radiant Living Immersion is a unique program designed to not only immerse you into a restorative process of reclaiming your radiance, vitality and happiness, but give you fast effective energy practices and tools to manage and maintain radiant chi/ prana (life energy) for a life of health, wellbeing and longevity

benefits: FEEL HAPPY, HEALTHY and SHINE from the inside out! strengthen your energy field against negativity and dis-ease, clear your auric filed of psychic debris, uplifted mood, balanced mind, clear stress, injected energy levels, improved organ health, youthfulness, optimised productivity, clarity – this is the tip of  the iceberg of whats this program can bring you.

We will journey step by step over the 8 weeks through 4 quadrants of Zarilove’s Radiant Living.


MORE DETAILS? –  email/ book a call

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