• The workshop was just wonderful! A moment of pure connection and healing! Zari is the embodiment of love. All women deserve to have contact with this movement!


    Suélen A. Petry

    Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil

  • Zari is a highly spiritually attuned teacher and is not only a competent teacher but is a beautiful person. She is kind, compassionate, encouraging and an empowering facilitator.

    Gail Costello

    Cheshire. UK

  • Zari you are fantastic !! I am ecstatic after this weekend with you at the Shakti Kundalini workshop. There was a lot of release and cleansing from trauma so old that it limited me. I am feeling light and free.

    Zari you are light! You are a blessing!! May you bring your light to women all over the world, they need you! Thank you!!

    Eliziane Ramos

    Campo Grande, MS. Brazil

  • Group Review

    Mallorca Spain

  • Zari provides a very deep healing field through the immense energy of love it radiates. I entrust and commend your work to all who wish to break free, expand and fully enjoy their experience on earth within the energy of love. Being able to share moments and exchanges with Zari is a great blessing and I’m very grateful for her work.

    Karla Persch

    Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil

  • I have been working with Zari for past couple of years attending different workshops from TRE tension release classes to Reiki energy healing level 1 and one-to-one sessions.

    She is always very warm and welcoming, providing care and support throughout exercises. Her energy creates a comfortable atmosphere to allow openness and release of any emotions without feeling of embarrassment. Each meeting together brings different experiences and has its unique strength, Zari is always there guiding me through the process.

    I would recommend her to anyone who is interested in opening themselves spiritually and looking for a holistic approach to achieve healing. She has broad and in depth knowledge about practises, treating all her clients professionally and with care.

    Angelika Barjasz

    Manchester. UK

  • Zari is a kind and warm human being who has made me feel at ease, supported and listened to from day one, with no judgement. I have had full trust in her since the moment we met as she was able create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere where I felt free to be myself. I have been feeling much better since we started working together on my emotions and I’m sure the best is yet to come.

    Alessandra Poti

    UK/ Italy

  • I wanted you to know how much you have help me. You are amazing. I feel stronger and more clarity everyday. I really love who I am again and I have been able to be completely myself.  You have helped me and inavertently my three little angels, who now have the best version of me again.

    I feel so much softer and kinder. It is like you lifted some of my horrible pain. It was a magical experience.


    Mary Gallagher

    UK Manchester

  • I recently had a distance personal healing session as part of Zari’s monthly healing events and it was powerful beyond words. At the beginning of the healing I could feel the work beginning and throughout the actual session itself I felt very relaxed and went into a very very deep sleep. I felt like I had been nurtured and taken care of and given what I needed. The feedback that I received over the telephone after with Zari was extraordinary. The next day I felt like a weight had been lifted and in such good spirits. A real positive difference. I’m so grateful to Zari, such a humble, caring and kind healer and to the energies that she works with. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    Lucia Giannecchini

    Jersey. UK London

  • I met Zari through my sister, I had heard she was an incredible woman who could help me release my uncovered trauma. I had never heard of the practices that she did, so like many, I was a bit skeptical at first, but I have always had an open mind to holistic healing.

    At first, I was closed off, I didn’t say much. Not because I didn’t want to, I just didn’t know how to energetically connect with someone whom I didn’t know about trauma that I had only just uncovered.

    I was so wrong, my skepticism disappeared after a short while. As Zari helped me, I started to feel a deep connection with her, I even reached out to held her hand as I cried. That isn’t something I normally do. She helped me process my emotions energetically, I know that sounds a bit strange, but it was one of the most amazing feelings. I have numbed myself, my entire life and with Zari’s help and a few other methods, I feel alive again.

    One of the things I loved was her passion and empathy. I’m not sure how long our session was supposed to be, but I do know we were there, in that sacred place for a long time.

    This year has been incredibly hard for me, and many others but Zari’s kind nature and support helped me get through my darkest hours. I would see her every week if I could.

    Thank you Zari, thank you so much

    Belinda Schwark

    UK London

  • I genuinely believe that Zari is the ultimate Spiritual Healer. I have known her for many years and have a Crystal and Spiritual Healing every month when they are available.

    Her special gifts of healing, coaching and Divine Energy, helped me to forgive and let go of past trauma and emotional pain.

    As the years have progressed, my body has healed on a very deep level, thanks to the “surgery” performed on me by different Deities through Zari.

    I have experienced a higher awakened consciousness and trained under Zari’s expert guidance to become a Level 1 and Level 2 Reiki Practitioner.

    Whatever traumas, emotional and mental pain and ill-health you have experienced in your lifetime, Zari’s gentle, yet powerful healing powers, will allow you to become free to live your life the way it was always meant to be.

    Free of physical, mental and emotional pain and able to experience the true joy of living at last!!

    Margaret Smith

    Manchester UK

  • I feel drawn to write this review to give people an insight into the wonderful gift Zari is and provides. She is someone who has lived and healed the elements within herself to become a true authentic healer.

    I have been to the priory, a south African rehab and another in the North West. None of these options helped to any significant degree. Why? Because they didn’t address the underlying core wound that was fuelling my addictions and relational dysfunction etc… That core wound is trauma.

    Working with Zari has surpassed, by some distance, anyone I have ever worked with in these reputable institutions, not to mention the numerous counsellors and therapists I have worked with independently.

    She has a serene and very calming influence which puts one at ease and removes any fear of the healing process. I realized that the reason other therapy hadn’t worked was because I had never come across this kind of presence. One of the blocks to healing is “I can’t heal”. Zari’s energy and encouragement let you know on a subtle level YOU CAN. Only someone who has healed themselves can transmit this reassuring feeling. She intuitively knows how to gently guide you through the process and will never push you too far.

    I will finish by saying before meeting Zari my family and I had spent around 50 thousand pounds on therapy overall. On Zari’s website you will see what value she gives in comparison.

    I urge anyone who is struggling or even just desires more freedom in their lives to take a look at her website. If you work with her, you will realise for yourself everything I have attempted to convey. Healing can be scary, and in the hands of the wrong person it can be detrimental. I would love you to know how much I appreciate the work we have done and my full gratitude cannot be translated into words. If you want to address your life in ways that money can’t usually buy, Zari is the real deal. Her role is not only life giving but absolutely indispensable. Thankyou. John

    John Williams

    Clitheroe UK

  • ‘I just wanted to thank you again for last nights TRE session! I already feel amazing benefits, just after one session, and I’m really looking to attending more sessions with you. I couldn’t have asked to attend a class with a more perfect practitioner than yourself. I have woken up today with much less tension in my neck that I’ve had for years (pre accident) and for that I can’t thank you enough! ‘

    Hayley Keeling

    Manchester UK