Natural Products for a Goddess

Welcome to the aromatic world of Goddessence by Zarilove, we invite you into a ‘Scentsational’ feminine romance! Fall in love with your pure sensual being and align yourself with more love, abundance and joy. There is nothing more beautiful and pure in this world than the true essence of you.

Our 100% pure handcrafted oils, come with a gold feather charm and Goddessence Oracle Card,* for daily inspiration and support. Each one has been colour coded and aligned with the energy of one of the 12 chakras.

Goddess alchemy has been performed on all these oils which have been charged with crystal light therapy and healing energy from sacred grounds and waters around the world.

(*applies to 50ml and 100ml sizes)

Our Product

  • A jungle fresh and minty blend to protect your goddess skin in the sexy summer nights. Stay naturally protected, still smelling and tasting good! Dance freely through the night with all of nature’s beings that nibble.

  • An exquisite and elegant blend of flirty and floral aromas, aligning you with the grace, beauty and unconditional loving nature of the sacred feminine within. Delicious, decadent and sensually divine just like you.

  • An enlightening blend of precious and sacred oils to awaken inner wisdom, deep insight and connection to the inner goddess Yogini. Perfect for meditation, yoga or creating an inner temple of peace.

  • A seductive, erotic infusion of active ingredients and essential oils to ignite the male and female senses, open your heart and awaken your divine feminine sexual essence. Ideal an orgasmic lovers massage or simply feeling magnetic, irresistible and sensually alive

  • An empowering and energizing blend to help manage the physical, emotional and mental demands of the modern world with balance, efficiency and focus. Perfect for a busy, productive day and Goddesses on the GO!

  • Snuggle into the nurturing aromatic arms of this delicate and affectionate essential oil blend. Rekindle the playful innocence of your own inner child and tender nature. Perfect for a mother to be or a touch of TLC from the mother within.

  • A delightful, spirited and happy blend of sparkling citrus aromas to uplift your spirit, bring lightness and inner illumination. You were born to shine. Brighten the world with your radiant light.

  • Wild bouquet fusion of soothing and balancing aromas to support your monthly Goddess cycles and womb time. Flow with more ease, clear the past and bring forth fresh beginnings, hopes and possibilities.

  • A relieving and strengthening blend of essential oils to soothing and revive your Warrior Princess body. Cut through resistance, fear and challenges. Perfect pre and post workout or after an exhaustive warrior day.

  • An earthy embrace of comforting and relaxing essential oils to bring support in challenging times. Escape stress chemicals that can age goddess skin and handle life with more ease, grace and inner peace.

  • A nightly blend of relaxing and dreamy essential oils to assist every Goddess with her beauty sleep. Place your wildest dreams and desires into the peaceful midnight sky of infinite possibilities.

  • A stimulating and cooling aroma blend, to activate vibrant life force energy and new beginning into your lungs and life. Breathe freely and deeply the minty fresh air of the sacred woodlands. Oxygenate your life and live fully!

  • An alive and kicking fusion of fresh citrus, delicate bouquet of cleansing herbal essences. Purify your divine body temple and live in optimum vitality, breeze through life feeling revived and radiantly refreshed.

  • A rejuvenating and reviving set of Goddessence body oils, 4 x 15ml natural Sacred Aroma Remedies to kick start your day and maintain radiant feminine health and wellness. A perfect aromatherapy gift set for every woman’s Goddess within.

What is Goddessence?

Our sacred aromatherapy natural remedies are a majestic botanical toolkit for the everyday Goddess on Earth. Discover Zarilove’s unique Goddessence range of 100% natural skincare products that are energetically charged for empowered, feminine living. Made from the finest grade essential oils, cold pressed seed, nut, and plant extracts they are rich in antioxidants and packed with vitamins, minerals, proteins, GLA, fatty acids they also contain iron and zinc.

Enjoy Goddessence as an essential part of your daily ritual of self-love and radiant living. Be it supporting your monthly cycle, soothing aches, awakening sensuality or bringing more love, energy and clarity to your day, there is a magical remedy for every occasion.

Use it as hydrating body moisturiser, nourishing massage oil or mood-enhancing perfume. It is easily and quickly absorbed, maintaining skin moisture and radiance without clogging pores. Indulge your body, heart and soul. Awaken the Goddess within.

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Our Philosophy

At Zarilove we believe your feminine wellbeing is the foundation of a happy, healthy and fulfilled life. Our Goddessence products are about honouring and celebrating your beauty and existence. We are passionate about delivering an enlightening and therapeutic aromatherapy experience to support radiant feminine living.

We only use 100% natural and cruelty-free ingredients, the finest essential oils, plant extracts and a touch of healing magic.

All of our products are approved and tested by UK and EU cosmetic standards and regulations to ensure confidence, safety, quality and customer assurance.

Our Story

The truly unique part of these Goddess inspired natural products is the level and depth to which they have been created. The sacred formulations were presented to Goddessence founder Zari G. Ferns through spirit. They were conceptually initiated after a sacred cleansing and spiritual opening from the Priestess of Bali and later received as complex fractions and unique oil compositions. The alchemy that then began in Zari’s English country kitchen in 2013 was just the beginning of this beautiful feminine romance. Our Goddessence products are made in London UK.

Over the following four years Zari travelled the world sourcing the natural ingredients with inspiration, sacred blessings and spiritual, crystal and energy infusions. The oils were tested, developed, refined and spiritual guided for a few years, until they could finally be gifted into the world into help empower and ignite the lives and hearts of every woman worldwide.

I first began working with spirituality and the healing powers of plants at one the most challenging times of my life. I was looking for natural remedies as an alternative to traditional medicine and to heal and support myself. The combination of professional aromatherapy and spiritual practices, I would go as far to say – saved my life. The intention of my products is to bring more awareness and truth, so that every woman may know her true worth, beauty and power”…Zari

To know more about Zari and her transformational therapies and retreats Read Here

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