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Stress and Trauma in the workplace has a significant impact on health, retention, economic growth, performance, creative thinking, absenteeism, customer/staff Relations. If we do not have the resources to manage overwhelming situations, we literally get hijacked by old primitive parts of the brain and survival responses take over. It can make us feel helpless, without direction and purpose, overwhelmed and unable to cope or find safety and rest in the world

Fast coping mechanisms and unhealthy ways to down-regulate such as drugs, sex, alcohol, gambling and food addictions, medication, isolation and extreme behaviours can lead to further destruction, ill-health, and even death. What if you could do something to help change that?

Imagine trying to run a successful business with a workforce who are emotionally and mentally imbalanced and dysfunctional, physically frozen, shut down and sick, unable to trust, relate, or communicate effectively! Now imagine a happy, healthy creative and connected workforce who knew how to self regulate their nervous system with simple, effective tools = Dream Team!

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TRE® Tension, Stress Release & Recovery Workshop

This workshop will teach your staff the essential stress theory combined with simple, gentle and proven effective TRE® exercises, that work to regulate the body’s physiology and nervous system out of stress survival responses such as Fight Flight Freeze and Dissociation, back into parasympathetic equilibrium, relaxation, safety, and social engagement. When used on a regular basis this can result in improved sleep, pain relief, increased flexibility, vitality, posture, mood, positive relations, mental clarity, memory, and health.

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TRE®  Tension and Trauma release exercises are a set of 7 exercises developed by Dr. David Berceli, PhD, that assist the body in unwinding deep muscular holding patterns of stress, tension and trauma through neurogenic tremours (reflexive muscle vibrations). These realign the neurology in the brain and restore a sense of relaxation, balance, and peace. This technique has made significant progress with war veterans, PTSD suffers and world disaster victims; an essential stress recovery tool! 

PRICE: Half Day (3 hours) and Full Day workshops available on-site or at a local venue. Connect today to discuss your requirements and personalised wellness program.

Staff will have the essential knowledge and effective self-practice tools by the end of one session. To reinforce confidence and personal practice we recommend 2-3  sessions 

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Emotional Empowerment Workshop

If our emotions are stuck our creative and life energy will not be flowing. We will assist your workforce to release pent up daily stress, and unfelt suppressed emotions in a safe and controlled way. This alone can not only help to bring a huge sense of relief and freedom but bring back body awareness, presence, and the ability to connect with oneself and others. Conscious Transformational Breath practices can turn down the pressure valve of the nervous system, bringing balance, health, vitality and inner calm.

Managing debilitating thoughts, intense and overreactive emotions within minutes is a skill every workforce needs, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is one of the most..


effective, efficient and non- invasive techniques for resolving just about any unwanted fear, emotion, trauma, pain, disempowering belief or behaviour. It can be helpful, used discretely to calm nerves, as a self-development practice, progressive group meeting, or peer performance mentoring/support.

EFT Developed by Gary Graig (USA) uses a light finger tapping sequence on the acupressure points along the meridian energy lines of the body, hands, and face. It can bring life-changes and lasting effects very quickly, delivering groundbreaking opportunities for physical and emotional wellbeing in an accelerated time frame; relieving psychological stress, emotional disturbances, cravings, addictions, lack of confidence, self-sabotaging behaviours. Empower your business

PRICE: Get in touch to discuss. Half / full day or package programs

Delivered by Advanced EFT practitioner.

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Creative Communication Workshop

This fun, creative discovery workshop, offers the opportunity for team building, personal development and reconnection, using Art’s transformative powers for authentic communication, Health and Wellbeing.

This workshop combines therapeutic Art practices, individual creative meditation, and interactive group work. Art expression is a powerful non-verbal means of communication and visual reflection of one’s inner world, assisting in personal growth, insight, and reconnection. Using creative energy as a vehicle to..


express and access the subconscious can provide insight and understanding into oneself, peers and environment. Creativity activates the parasympathetic nervous system, assisting down-regulation, quietening of the mind, relaxation, healing, and inspirational flow.
PRICE: Get in touch to discuss half / full day workshops

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Mindful Meditation Workshop

Meditate Don’t Medicate! Scientific studies have proven the incredible psychological and physical health benefits of meditation, including endorphin release to enhance mood, improve depression, anxiety, mental performance, sleep, energy levels, patience, and overall happiness. Bringing mindful meditation practices into the workplace, can transform your business, and employee’s lives.

Meditation has been one of the best-kept secrets of some of the most successful entrepreneurs. It is not all about cross-legged yogis AUM chanting, we offer you an integrated fresh, fun approach to mindfulness..

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that combines contemporary and traditional techniques. This workshop will resource your staff with simple, effective and easily applied ways to discover more awareness, mental stillness, and their own inner sanctuary.

We also offer a wide range of creative, dynamic and guided meditations, inspired by Sufi’s, Master, NLP empowerment, spirituality, meditative movement and fun, active processes to find awareness and presence. such as Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Somatic movement, Tibetan yoga, kundalini dance, healing sounds, and art meditations. Meditation expands our consciousness, perceptions and how we see the world. It is a doorway to unlimited inspiration and ‘out of the box’ thinking; an absolute no brainer for health, happiness and success.

PRICE Half Day and Full Day Workshops available. Why not make a day of it and combine this workshop with your other favourite experience.

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Mindpower & Manifest workshop

Change your mind~ change your life ~change your business! Heard of the concept that what we focus on we attract and manifest? Well, it not just ‘what’ but ‘how’ you do it that makes the difference between success and failure. This workshop provides theory and practices around using the mind as a powerful tool to transform, manifest and attract what we desire.

Self Hypnosis is a safe and effective way of mental rewiring and creating neurological pathways for positive, progressive behaviour, by gaining direct access into..

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the subconscious (alpha and theta brain wave frequencies) of our mind. Once we have accessed this space we can literally begin to imprint and rewire our mindset with new positive coding using NLP and effective mind power techniques.

Self Hypnosis can be learned and safely anyone by anyone as a skilled relaxation technique combined with the power of suggestion to reframe and reprogram new positive behaviours, thoughts, responses, and feelings. Life-changing results can be achieved. Learning invaluable self-hypnosis techniques provide a lifetime of personal empowerment

Hypnotic recordings for daily use to can be used to deeply imbed new programs and behavioural change.

Hypnosis and NLP can be helpful for: anxiety, weight loss, finances, empowerment, confidence, stress release, sleep, addictions, pain, performance, relationship, self-acceptance, social interaction, cravings, fear and phobia management, and much more.

PRICE Full 1-2 day Workshop only.

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SOS Rescue Program

Don’t know where to start? Let us design a bespoke Retreat or Workshop program to suit your needs. If you prefer to stay local or venture to the sunny island of Mallorca, we can design and deliver you an intensive wellness package, in line with your company’s aims and values, or work alongside your leadership team’s delivery program…

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PRICE To suit your budget. Restrictions on numbers, location, duration, and services may apply. Get in touch to discuss possibilities with us.

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